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The Male Achilles Heel

The Male Achilles Heel

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Problems in the genitourinary tract plague men and women. The three big ones for men are:

  • Prostatitis, often recurrent
  • Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy–BPH
  • Prostate Cancer
  • Impotentia
  • Decreasing testosterone after age 50 in most men

For at least 20 years I have frequently said that I do not want any urologist to know I have a prostate. Urologists delight in sticking 10 to 20+ needles into this little gland the size of a shelled English walnut to take a biopsy, and they often want to do it time after time!? Then, their greater thrill is to roto-root the prostate, literally doing a TURP, Transurethral Prostate reaming. Since medical school I have considered it the most barbaric surgery done.

For about 30 years I have taken enough saw palmetto to treat a horse, as well as nettles, sometimes pygeum, and lots of C0-Q and gallons of small flower willow tea.

Following the spinal paralysis in 1995, I was left with weak and clumsy legs and a weak bladder, but I am happy to be walking. It took a month for me to wean myself from a catheter in 1995, and the urologist then wanted to do a TURP. I refused and have done reasonably well until this year. Symptoms of the usual nature forced me to see that urologist again and I finally agreed, very reluctantly, to the procedure. When my good friend and family doc, Kelvin Bailey, M.D., heard about this, he suggested I see a urologist 3 hours away. He does the prostate trimming with a green laser. I had begged my urologist here to consider freezing, ultrasound or laser but he insisted that the gold standard was TURP. Monday, October 22, I saw a wonderful urologist in Columbia, Missouri, and Wednesday I had the laser procedure. WHAT A PLEASANT SURPRISE!

With virtually no pain, I was driven home 4 hours after the procedure and removed the catheter the next morning and have had virtually normal energy! And I enjoyed my usual morning awakening with normal potency. I have taken nothing for pain since awakening. Gentlemen, and wives or girlfriends of gentlemen, find an experienced laser urologist and DO NOT AGREE TO A TURP!! Of course there are some potential risks, even with anesthesia; but as my new urologist friend said, this laser procedure is reasonable to do in a frail 95 year old. TURP is the Iron Age standard! Laser is the Platinum standard today!

I may address some of the other issues later, but I am ecstatically happy to share this with you now. Incidentally, I retract an earlier article I did on testosterone replacement. Most men can restore self-produced testosterone using Testo-Jack and stimulating the Ring of Fire.


  • Kidney 3, bilaterally
  • Conception vessels 2, 6 and 18
  • Bladder 22, bilaterally
  • Master of the Heart (Pericardium) 6, bilaterally
  • Large Intestine 18, bilaterally
  • Governing Vessel 20

I found that over a 12 week period, stimulation of these points with 75 decibels of human DNA frequency (54 to 78 GHz), using the Shealy PainPro, 3 minutes per pair of points daily, led to an average increase in DHEA of 60% (range 30 to 100%). Then, I used this approach on obvious “Fire” diseases, with these results:

  • 70 % of patients with rheumatoid arthritis, which had failed conventional medicine, improved dramatically
  • 75% of patients with frequent migraine improved 75% in reduction of migraine
  • 70% of depressed patients came out of depression
  • 70% of patients with chronic back pain improved
  • 80% of patients with diabetic neuropathy improved markedly in pain and at least 25% had improvement in sensory loss and reduction in diabetic meds

Now, you can stimulate the Ring of Fire with Fire Bliss applied to the 13 points!




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