The Holy Grail of Health: Aroma Acuology

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Over 20 years ago I recognized the need to find a way to rejuvenate the ability of the adrenal glands to maintain healthy levels of DHEA. Eventually this led to finding 5 natural ways to assist in this rejuvenation:

  • Natural Progesterone Cream
  • Youth Formula–a blend of vitamin C. MSM, beta 1,3 glucan, and molybdenum
  • Magnesium Lotion, and
  • The Ring of Fire
  • Pain Pro GigaTENS on the Ring of Fire, and now:
  • Fire BLISS on the Ring of Fire

And which has been shown to help 70% of rheumatoid arthritic patients, 75% of migraineurs, 80% of diabetic neuropathy patients

Next came the Ring of Air, which has now been proven to:

  • Increase Neurotensin
  • Increase Oxytocin
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve depression and anxiety

Either by Pain Pro GigaTENS or with Air BLISS

Then came the Ring of Water which:

  • Balances aldosterone, which is critical for water and potassium health
  • Balances emotions
  • Helps with edema, etc

So far, proven only with Pain Pro GigaTENS but aroma acuology to come!

And the Ring of Earth which has been proven to:

  • Raise calcitonin–40 to 60 times aw strong as morphine
  • Help overcome osteoporosis
  • Relieve pain

Can be stimulated with Pain Pro GigaTENS or Earth BLISS


Finally but not least, the Ring of Crystal, which

  • Reduces free radicals far better than any other known approach!
  • Ultimately free radical reduction may be the single most critical health maintenance tool!

Can be done with Pain Pro GigaTENS or Crystal BLISS

I am delighted to report that an IRB study which I designed and was done under the supervision of Susan Blackard, R.N., has proven another great success for aroma acuology. 100% of the subjects had a remarkable average reduction of free radicals from 4.5 to 0.85!! Any free radical level below one is FABULOUS. Over a seven year period this should lead to tremendous rejuvenation of the body as a whole! The Ring of Crystal is indeed the Holy Grail of Free Radical Reduction.


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