C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

The following announcement is a terrific alternative to the current health care disaster. I strongly encourage everyone to sign up and then read on as to why this is so important!

NICABM is doing a special teleseminar series: New Perspectives on Change. Each week, they plan to look at a different approach to change. What exactly happens during the process of transformation?? Why is change so hard?? What happens in relapse and why do some not relapse?

These are important questions for any practitioner. There are only 5 calls in this teleseminar series so you won't want to miss even one.

The first is this Wednesday at 5PM eastern time with Carol Look, LCSW. ?They will look at change specifically from the perspective of Weight Loss with EFT. The teleseminar is free, all you need to do is sign up.


To go along with that, they have also prepared a free handout on How to Conquer Food Cravings with EFT.??? That's also free, just go to?

. With so many New Year resolutions directed at food, the timing couldn't be better.

Now to the why this seminar is an important part of the solution.

Our local paper recently had an article “The Hottest Jobs in Health Care”, ignoring once again that we do NOT have a Health Care System!? We have a very unhealthy, moderately dangerous, severely inept, restrictive, moderately antiquated Disease Care System. Allopathic Medicine has never had anything significant related to Health Care. It has done a superb job of restricting, intimidating, snubbing and disparaging anything related to health, while developing ever more costly and occasionally beneficial approaches to Disease Management—not even Care!. And for the past 60+ years it has increasingly joined in a partnership with the PharmacoMafia.?


The article boasted that within 22 years:

The over 65 age group will nearly triple

More than 60% of Boomers will have more than one chronic illness

More than one-third will be obese (and of course another third will be overweight)

Twenty-five percent will have diabetes

The incidence of knee replacement will increase eight fold!


Health Care????? The Disease Care System will be so overloaded that there is no way any government can handle the overload. The Disease Care System is alive but not well. Unless we reverse obesity, inactivity and just plain crummy nutrition, the quagmire will grow. Of course smoking, street drugs and excessively prescribed drugs contribute significantly to the problem. Hopefully those who read this newsletter will already have taken the steps necessary to Care for their Health:

No smoking

Body Mass index of 18 to 24

Eating at least 5 servings of fruits or veggies daily

Exercising preferably an hour a day

Doing daily stress reduction techniques

Taking a least these supplements—D 3, Essentials Multivitamin/Minerals, K 2, Omega-3 and Co-Q 10. All of these and amounts have been discussed in earlier newsletters

Checking their free radicals, High Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein, homocysteine and correcting any problems


CARE FOR YOURSELF!! This is the only Health Care that needs great growth-now!? And don't forget to sigh up for the NICABM teleseminar. It is FREE!


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