The Food Mafia


C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


The continual duplicity and downright criminal activity of the food industry is at least as bad as that of the PharmacoMafia and the rest of the Military/Industrial Complex. For many decades they have used the oxymoron “enriched” to advertise falsely un-Holsum and not-so-Wonder bread. So-called enriched white flour not only is bleached but has no fiber and less than one-seventh the amount of B6 found in whole wheat. Other additives are not even food!? White rice has been shaved and deprived of its fiber, not to mention that the “enriched” white rice contains less B complex that natural rice. These are the tip of a Titantic sized iceberg!

Whole Foods is not so whole!? In fact, their tactics to ruin Wild Oats so that they could take it over were at best just plain sleazy. According to an article in the NY TIMES, Feb. 28, 2007,

  • Only a small amount of the beef they sell is even American–standards do not exist1
  • They often sell farm salmon without labeling it “color added”, the signal that it is not safe
  • One-third of the Yukon gold potatoes at one store had turned green
  • Cherry tomatoes were wrinkled
  • Organic lemons were “past their prime”
  • Sweet potatoes were wrinkled
  • Six containers of yogurt still on sale were over three weeks outdated
  • Cheese and even cereals were outdated
  • Their products often contain MSG, a brain toxin

This is only a small sample of deception. All fast food restaurants use MSG. The vast majority of foods sold everywhere are not real, whole foods. Trans-fats, sugar (certainly not a whole food), fructose, preservatives, dyes, etc are present in well over 60% of food sole in grocery stores. Tyson deceptively advertises antibiotic-free. And the list is an encyclopedia!


Obviously the best answer is to raise as much as possible of your own fruits and vegetables, or find an honest small organidc farmer from whom to obtain these. Use brown rice, true whole grain breads, grass fed beef, wild salmon (most canned pink salmon is wild), range fed chicken. Boycott General Mills, Post, all pop companies, Hersheys, General Foods, all fast food restaurants, Nestle, etc. If it comes in a package with more than one ingredient, it is likely not real food!


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