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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

I first became interested in quinones in the 80’s when I was invited to study the Seuterman Homeopathic Protocols. Among other staples of that school are homeopathic preparations of the entire Krebs cycle and a variety of quinones. All quinones are major anti-oxidants. My favorite has always been ubiquinone or CoQ 10. In the last few years another form of ubiquinone, Ubiquinol, has been pushed as superior. However, almost all the research for decades was on the original ubiquinone, and the much higher price of Ubiquinol does not convince me to change.

Most recently I have discovered thymoquinone, which appears to be converted in the body to thymohydroquinone. This led me to black cumin seed oil, which appears to be the best source of thymoquinone, and it has been in use for at least a few thousand years. There is significant scientific demonstration of the benefits of black cumin seed oil, including:

· Protection from homocysteinemia

· Anti-inflammatory properties

· Analgesic properties

· INHIBITION of most cancer cells at least in cultures

· Improved Insulin resistance

· Improvement in diabetes

· Anti-Anxiety effects

· Atherosclerosis reduction

· Decreasing both cholesterol and triglycerides

· Colon cancer in rats

· Hypertension (even with just two teaspoons daily)

· Antibacterial and antifungal effects

· Improvement in rheumatoid arthritis

Black cumin seed oil appears to be safe and remarkably beneficial in many homeostatic, health-enhancing ways. One of the best sources is Amazing Herbs and Amazon has by far the best prices I have seen! For those with any of the problems mentioned, I would seriously consider adding up to three teaspoons daily.

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