Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.
Hebrews 11:1

The 7 Divine Lessons Of Family Healing” is a personal reflection on “Family Healing,” my family(ies), your family(ies) and the World and Universal Family(ies). Arvela Schuller, wife of the world-renowned founder of the Crystal Cathedral Ministry in Garden Grove, California, Rev. Robert Schuller, wrote a book in 1982 called “The Positive Family (Possibility Thinking In the Christian Home).” In this book, Mrs. Schuller defines a Christian family as ” A colony of caring, where two or more individuals care very deeply for each other. When they hurt, you show that you care. You know they care.” Mrs. Schuller continues “The family is a force of influence which helps to answer the questions: 1.) Who Am I? 2.) Where Have I Come From? and 3.) Where Am I Going? to risk, solve problems, learn, cry and pray together.”

This book is divided into 7 Lessons defining the Family Healing Process, its origins, barriers and possibilities. This Healing Process has common characteristics among Families and is also unique to each Family. It is a lifelong journey and unfolds in God’s Perfect Time. Healing is a “1 Day At a Time, sometimes a “1 Moment At A Time ” unfolding, sometimes 1 step forward and 2 steps back, or 2 steps forward and 1 step back.

The Reflections-“Passing On The Inner Light” section relates some of the author’s own “Spiritual Awakening” experiences as preparation for and support of his evolving role as Spiritual Patriarch of his own Family(ies). He believes God selects someone from every Family to begin and co-facilitate the Healing Process. The Appendix section provides helpful resources which the reader can use as a “Family Healing Tool Box.”

This book, ultimately, is both a reflection on and an invitation to those willing to take that “First Courageous Step,” on “The Road Less Traveled,” the “Path of Family Healing.” We begin this journey by looking at “The Origins of Family Wounds.” We conclude it by acknowledging and actively practicing the belief that “Spiritual Wholeness”(Healing) is a reflection of both the intervention and active participation of our Creator in our daily lives, resulting in our lives becoming an “Everyday Miracle.”

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