C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about telomere measurements as an indication of longevity. Actually for at least the last 4 years I have talked and written about the importance of telomeres in health and longevity. And my own research has shown that significant regeneration of telomeres can be achieved with the RejuvaMatrix Solar Homeopathy . Meanwhile T.A. Sciences has been advertising widely their telomerase activator. For only $8000 a year you can start this life-long dosage.

Meanwhile, I have 50 individuals enrolled in a 5 year project to use the RejuvaMatrix 30 minutes daily to regenerate telomeres. The only contraindication is an implanted pacemaker or electronic device. The RM is a two inch thick mattress topper, which has in the center copper screen with one pound of crushed sapphire crystal, activated by a Tesla coil to produce a two foot deep electromagnetic field of 54 to 78 billion cycles per second, the frequency of human DNA. In 27 of the first 34 to complete one year of RM therapy, telomeres have grown an average of 5.9%. The usual expectation is shrinkage of one percent?each year. Seven individuals have now completed 2 years and telomere regeneration continues. The cost of the RejuvaMatrix is $5495, which is a bargain, compared with TA-65. You can see it on You Tube or order at Incidentally the only lab I trust for telomere measurement is Repeat Diagnostics in Vancouver .

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