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TEDx Talk on Cancer Warning Dreams
by Larry Burk M.D.

The Establishment uses every possible tactic to prevent knowledge and acceptance of safe, healthy alternatives to drugs. See this note from Dr. Burk!! Of course sharing warning dreams with non-Holistic docs may cause you more harm than good!!
My TEDx talk on cancer warning dreams just got red flagged as unscientific even though it is based on a peer-reviewed paper, so I have now joined the infamous ranks of my heroes Graham Hancock and Rupert Sheldrake whose TEDx talks were previously censored.
Fortunately a friend of mine just pointed out this quick fix to get rid of the red TED disclaimer box: If you mouse over the upper right corner there’s a little cross, click it and the red box disappears. If it appears again later, just click the little cross in the upper right corner again.
I used the scientific method by making observations, establishing a hypothesis, and starting to test it. I made no unsupported claims and only suggested keeping a dream diary and sharing any warning dreams with doctors. The original pilot study is linked in my blog here,
Let magic happen,


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