C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

By now you have to be aware that you need fruits and vegetables!? The average American consumes only 3.4 total servings per day. You need a MINIMUM of 5!? And of course 6 or 7 servings would be ideal. NOTHING in supplements replaces fruits and veggies. Just as halitosis is better than no breath at all, any fruit or vegetable is good. However, tart cherry juice is at the top of my list, both esthetically and in overall health benefits. The antioxidant benefit alone is outstanding—approximately 12,800 ORAC units per 100 grams, according to one report. So in one ounce you get approximately 4000 ORACS.?

There are many other benefits from tart cherry juice, including its anti-gout action and reports of significant benefit in osteoarthritic pain. I purchase a dozen quarts at a time. It has to be refrigerated. The cost, when you purchase 12 quarts, is $13.95 per quart of concentrate. That makes 2 gallons of delicious juice.?? A serving costs only about 44 cents!? I doubt there is any other fruit that can supply this health value or benefit for the cost. I strongly recommend you stock up and use Tart Cherry Juice from Brownwood Farms, www.brownwoodfarms.com, 877-591-3101. I have no financial interest in this company but consider it th best value in the industry. Incidentally, they have blueberry, pomegranate, raspberry and grape juice concentrates also.

Another item of interest: BEWARE PREMPRO

JAMA, March 5, 2008 carries yet another report of an elaborate research report on the DANGER of artificial estrogen and progesterone. Using HORSE estrogen (how stupid can you be?) and artificial progestins, already massively discredited, a group of Neanderthal physicians and a few Ph.D.s working at 40 sites enrolled over 16,000 postmenopausal women to be their guinea pigs in this ridiculous replay of the PremPro tragedy. Results: Those who got the drug had a global risk index only 12% higher. Women—are you listening??? Unless you weigh 800 pounds or more, you do not need horse estrogen. And there is no need, no benefit and a tremendous danger in using artificial progesterone!? When will the PharmacoMafia and its pimps stop.

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