Suppose you could optimize your weight without one of those impossible diets??

As always, Dawson Church has proven the way with SKINNY GENES!

What makes Skinny Genes different from the many other weight loss programs available is:

  1. The Skinny Genes program has the clinical research data that shows an average weight loss of 12 lbs. during the 6-week program, with an additional 3 lb. average weight loss after…one participant lost as much as 51 lbs.!
  2. Skinny Genes is evidence-based, including three studies showing that people both lose weight during an EFT program, and after the program.
  3. Skinny Genes focuses on the 6 behaviors identified by the National Weight Loss Registry of people who maintain weight loss long term and it shows how to use EFT with each one.
  4. Skinny Genes draws from a rich group of faculty, with decades of academic and coaching experience.


Here is my friend Dawson Church before and after!

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