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Sugar Craving

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Sugar, the first artificial food. What we call table sugar is sucrose and it is primarily found in sugar cane and sugar beets. In its natural state it comes with lots of vitamins, minerals and fiber-all of these ESSENTIALS are thrown away in the “processing” of white sugar. In recent decades high fructose extracts, largely from corn, have also bastardized scores of “foods.” Americans consume their weight and more in these artificial sugars every year, fueling the epidemic of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and cancer! Essentially, the number one CAUSE of disease and premature death is sugar!! Incidentally, frontotemporal DEMENTIA is another high sugar complication!!

Virtually all boxed dry cereals, all regular pop and even the vast majority of peanut butters have been made toxic with sugar!

If everyone gave up wheat, virtually all of which has been poisoned with Roundup®, and all added sugar, within 20 years type 2 diabetes would decrease at least 80%! Just this change in habits would decrease the major diseases at least 50%!


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