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Spirit of Healing Webinar with Dawson Church
on October 24th, 2016

I HAD to write this email to you.

It’s urgent… possibly life and death.
Despite the fact, that I’m busy healing people 24/7/365
I needed to take the time to contact you.
Oh – guess I should introduce myself.
They call me Spirit Of Healing.
I’m the one who answers when people are sick and pray.
I’m the one who helps people connect to the Healing Powers they have within.
So let’s get down to it.
Why am I writing to you NOW?

I mean, you and I we’ve been “buddies”‘ out for years now, right?

Ever since the moment, you decided to work on yourself.
And I knew we were Soul Mates when you’ve decided to get into energy work and help others.
But today, I gotta tell ya something.
You see, I’ve had my eye on you for awhile…
You have all this amazing potential inside of you.
Here’s the thing.
The world needs you to ACTUALIZE that potential.
People are suffering…. They are TRAPPED in physical and emotional
pain and they don’t know how to get out.
But you’ve got the keys…
You’ve got the power to channel me.
Yes you do 🙂
And it’s SAD when you don’t use your powers to help those that need it.
The world needs us.
I need you.
Make no mistake: when it comes to my Heart and Soul –
YOU keep me alive.
You’re MY hero.
And I need you. Now more than ever.
And I’ll be there for you every time
you choose to help someone.
Running through your fingers…
Beating in your heart…
Singing in your soul.
And Dawson is giving you all the tools and skills that you need
to access me.
On October 24th, Dawson and I are doing a ONE TIME ONLY webinar where we will be answering all your questions about becoming a Certified Energy Psychology Practitioner.
BTW, you won’t “see me” since I’m a Spirit after all…

But don’t worry. I’ll be there.

Spirit Of Healing
P.S. Being a spirit and all, I don’t generally use stuff like computers.
So, I’m lucky Dawson was able to forward this on for me today. Thanks, Dawson.
P.P.S. Are you ready to manifest your destiny as a healer?
Make sure you join us 10/24 on the LIVE webinar.

– S.O.H.



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