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Here is another thought provoking commentary from my friend Tom Hansen. It speaks strongly of the illusion of reality.

Spiraling Consciousness


Tom Hansen, July 2015

What was meant to be a wonderful extension of the reality of love was transformed by mistaken thoughts into a world of separation, competition, violence, and spiritual void. We humans have entered a physical realm of beauty and love, and imagined it to be one of survival of the fittest. As we have become lost in our dream of separation from each other and our Creator, we have reformed the earth experience into one that fits our expectations.

A few years ago, I spent time trying to figure out how we have allowed our collective consciousness to seemingly separate from our Creator. That is, how did we get to the point where we could no longer recognize our Creator as being one with us? Why did we see each other as separate physical beings rather than individualizations of the same spiritual force? Is there truly a devil that convinced us that we could not be free unless we were separate? Or did we just experiment with manifesting on the physical plane when we got carried away with the drama we were making?

After mulling over the alternatives, grasping for the truth, I sat in silence and asked, “How did we get into this situation anyway?” Immediately I saw such a clear vision that I became part of it. I was in black space looking at light particles swirling in a circular pattern. Each light particle

was the consciousness of one of us, and the total collection was our collective consciousness blended together. The swirl traveled as both a collection of individuals and as a whole. While part of this swirl, I was also watching it from above. Suddenly the swirling light particles began to contract into a funnel at the farthest point, which went into a hole in the black space, as water in a bathroom sink funnels down the drain. That is exactly what our collective consciousness was doing – going down the drain. As I watched, I heard in my mind these words: “Oh no! We’ve gone too far!”

When I saw the swirling light particles contract into a tighter and tighter spiral, I felt that I was seeing our earthly existence, the complete history, from the outside. It all looked so small compared to the vastness within

which it existed. It looked like a dense and closed system revolving around itself. It seemed like an instant of existence rather than millions of years. Our consciousness was just going round and round within this narrow funnel, contracting continuously and getting nowhere. This funnel of light was not the actual universe, but rather it was our collective consciousness of the universe, being limited by the contraction upon itself. Our normal expanding swirl of light, which had always been a consciousness of creating new life, contracted so that it was aware only of itself. The funnel of light became so dense that we could only see ourselves, not the vastness within and beyond.

This was discomforting, as I watched our consciousness being trapped within itself, but then I realized that I was observing all of this from the vastness. True, I was part of the contracting consciousness, and trapped within it, but at the same time a part of me was able to look from the

outside and see the bigger picture. I had two perspectives at once, as a particle of light within the swirl, and as the swirl looking back upon itself. I understood that only a small part of our consciousness is trapped in the funnel of perceived separateness from the vastness.

It was as if by experimenting within a drama we had forgotten that we created it and control it. The message was clear that we do still control it. The fact that we are one with that vastness has not changed. We haven’t left the oneness with the vastness of our Creator, but we have put ourselves in kind of a holding pattern while we try to get out of our spiraling contraction of consciousness. I felt that the trap we were falling into was not real, but that it interrupted our real purpose, which is to be conscious creators of loving realities.

As I watched our consciousness contracting and swirling, I did not believe that everything is lost, but I sensed that we so completely limit the scope of our consciousness within this spiral that we need help to pull ourselves out. The funnel seemed to have a momentum of its own that couldn’t be stopped from the “inside.” We need help to stop the contracting spiral of consciousness, and then reverse its direction so that it expands to its original source. We are so caught in the density and attraction of the material spiral that we need energy from outside the spiral before we can remember our true expanded and unlimited state of existence.

Our True Selves have never imagined any separation from our Creator. Thus, our True Selves can help us get out of this limiting consciousness. And angels, guides, and other spiritual helpers can join the effort. We need to remember that our True Selves are divine, powerful, unlimited,

expanding, faithful, and the creators of loving manifestations throughout the vastness. We are part of the vastness and we are the vastness. Our Creator is the context in which forever takes place. We are subsets of

that context, but no different in substance from that context. And to our Creator, the spiral of “separation consciousness” is but an illusion soon to be revealed for what it is. We will remember that we never did actually

leave the oneness. We just mentally imagined that we left it. So let us rejoice and forgive each other for what never really happened anyway.

Tom Hansen lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. This article is an abridged chapter from Tom’s book, “Trying to Remember.” (Freedom Press Associates, 1995).



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