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Speedy Gourmet

Speedy Gourmet

Thirty years ago I wrote SPEEDY GOURMET, dedicated to making healthy meals with a maximum of 20 minutes of prep time. In general, in the past 30 year, I have prepared at least 9000 such meals. As I have said before, real “fast food” is a piece of fruit and some nuts. This winter I have focused on instant soups for one meal a day:

  • Smuckers Peanut Butter-Mushroom Soup

8 oz of sliced mushrooms
4 heaping tablespoons of Smuckers Peanut Butter
Takes 2 to 4 minutes and exquisite!

  • Salmon-Bean Soup

About one-third can of pink salmon
One can of chick peas, green peas, or green lima beans.
Can be made in 3 to 4 minutes unless you want to Blenderize the legumes first

  • Clam Chowder

On can of baby clams
Two tablespoons of chopped, dried onion
One-half can of creamed corn
6 oz of half & half
Maximum of 5 minutes

  • Tomato and anything

I use homemade canned tomato sauce
It is great with any combo of veggies, from mushrooms to eggplant, okra, celery, green beans, lima beans, etc
A couple of tablespoons of ground parmesan cheese

Alternatives for a meal in a slush

  • Basic can be half & half, or half a can of frozen orange concentrateWide variety of ingredients—strawberries, blue berries, bananas (frozen or ripe), peaches, mangoes, grapes, etc
  • One scoop Whey Protein Isolate (25 grams) For those who are sensitive to milk, use two heaping tablespoons of dried egg whites

The message is: great healthy and wonderful tasting food is quicker and less expensive than junk

Whey Protein Isolate (Pure WPI) 1.2 lbs.

Speedy Gourmet (soft cover)



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