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A Soul Approach to Illness and Healing



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ISSSEEM & Holos University Presents
A Soul Approach to Illness and Healing
Interactive On-line Sessions
Interact with experts and colleagues about subtle energy, holistic, intuitive approaches to spirituality, health, relationships, and well-being.
Each series of 90-minute sessions runs for four consecutive weeks.
Be actively and intelligently involved in your own well-being through 
subtle energy, complementary, and alternative approaches.  

A Soul Approach to Illness and Healing
with Dr. Delphine Rossi Knowlton
Four Wednesday Evenings:  February 1, 8, 15 & 22, 2017, 7-8:30 pm CT.
Beliefs and assumptions about illness are presented and the role of intuition in heralding illness is examined.  Insights into the effects of grief and incomplete emotions on the bio-field; shamanic, ancient and contemporary views of healing; and the language of woundology are presented.  Searching the field of mind-body communication, we inquire into the concept of illness as a metaphor; secondary gains of illness; healing and changes in consciousness; and the search for the authentic self and self-transformation as aspects of illness and healing.  Intuitive awareness of the decisive role of the soul in spiritual healing is highlighted along with choices that enhance quality of life and well-being.
Join this interactive class to greatly expand and deepen your self-knowledge!  Registrants will receive a detailed description of each of the four sessions from Dr. Rossi Knowlton.
FEES:  The cost for the 4-session series is only $120. 
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