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Sleep Deprivation is Killing You and Your Career

I have written frequently about the essentials of adequate sleep. The article above is almost as blunt about it as I am. We know already that only 3% of Americans have the most basic health needs:
  • No smoking
  • Body Mass Index of 18 to 24
  • Minimum of 5 servings daily of fruits/veggies
  • Exercise 30 minute 5 days a week
Add 7 to 8 hours of sleep and we can see that less than 3% HAVE THE FIVE ESSENTIAL HABITS
If everyone adopted these simple essentials, DISEASE would be decreased at least 75%!!! What is it you do not understand about ESSENTIAL??
Dying is not a big deal BUT dwindling for 10 to 20 years with multiple diseases is, to me, torture! If everyone adopted these 5 habits, healthy life expectancy would rise to 100 years instead of the current 78! Unhealthy habits are slow suicide.
Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D. is the father of holistic medicine. He recommends autogenic focus (the basis of the Biogenics System) as part of your overall commitment to self-health. Register to download your FREE autogenic focus MP3 now.
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