Colloidal Silver was widely used by physicians in the first 4 decades of the 20th century – at times it was given intravenously to cure otherwise fatal infections. Unfortunately when the PharmacoMafia introduced one antibiotic after another, use of silver was abandoned and even ridiculed by The Establishment. Now we have an epidemic of ”super-bugs”, germs totally resistant to all known antibiotics. Supergerms now kill over 70,000 people annually and affect at least 2 million. Thus we wind up with potentially fatal complications from ”new” antibiotics, like Tequin, which can lead overnight to severe hypoglycemia. It is being slowly discontinued.

Recently a new super-powerful and effective form of colloidal silver has been introduced, Argentyn. I have spent several hours reading about it and reviewing the literature. Dr. John Apsley II, Executive Director of Immunologic Research Foundation, Inc. has also been exceptionally helpful. Unlike earlier colloidal silver which had particles 14 to 26 nanometers in size, Argentyn 23 has particles only 8 nanometers in size. It contains no other substance except water and is so safe it can be given intravenously in large dosages. The effect of this oligodynamic silver promotes superoxide release, regulates healthy detoxification and markedly enhances immune function. Argentyn 23 is so effective in treating flu, for instance, that it may lead to a Herxheimer reaction, with mild to moderate headaches, arthralgias, sweating and fever, nausea, bone pain, itching, chills, diarrhea, or vomiting. HOWEVER, this effect is rare in acute illnesses such as flu and usually occurs only in individuals with heavy infectious loads, such as AIDS, mononucleosis, etc. Furthermore, drinking up to 2 quarts of licorice and green tea, plus some non-flush Niacin will usually prevent that reaction.

Argentyn 23 is so safe that one could take 9 teaspoons daily for 70 years and still be below the lifetime critical dose of 25 grams of silver. And a daily dose of 3 teaspoons for 70 years would be quite safe. This remarkable product, which does require a prescription, is so good that I have ordered 8 ounce vials for all of my family and staff, to keep on hand in case flu symptoms develop. An over the counter product Sovereign Silver is much weaker and almost as expensive as the more effective Argentyn 23. I strongly recommend you consider asking your physician for a prescription to keep on hand. In case you have trouble getting one, I obviously cannot give you a prescription for Argentyn 23 if you have an infection. However, if you just want to keep some on hand for use in an emergency situation, I will provide it. Just email me your request at You can order it at 888-242-6105. Personally I AM REPLACING MY PREVIOUS RECOMMENDATIONS FOR — USE OF Flumadine at onset of flu and giving bottles of it to all my family and staff.

At onset of flu symptoms, take one teaspoon and keep it in the mouth a minute or so, before swallowing, every 15 to 30 minutes, up to 7 times a day. ALWAYS TAKE IT ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! For children over 2 with acute flu, the dose is the same. And I would not recommend it in children under 2 years of age. To help overall for viral infections:

  • Drink one ounce of pure water per two pounds of body weight daily. That licorice tea might be terrific!
  • Take 4 grams of vitamin C and 2 grams of MSM daily (8 of my Youth Formula) Do not take within an hour of the Argentyn 23!
  • No sugar, junk or fried foods ( including all ”fast foods”)
  • High vegetable and fruit diet
  • Take a hot soak from the beginning, using one cup of pure Magnesium Chloride Crystals (888-242-6105). Drink at least a quart of fresh-squeezed lemonade, sweetened with a small amount of honey while in the tub
  • Use a Castor Oil pack on the abdomen – also great for detoxification
  • Take Methionine, 500 mg twice daily, as well as at least 5 mg Folic Acid. Up to 100 mg of Folic Acid may be helpful
  • Zinc lozenges, 3 a day
  • Vitamin E, mixed Tocopherols, 800 mg
  • Remember that the Argentyn 23 is to be taken on an empty stomach, since food, etc. would bind it and prevent its rapid absorption

Argentyn 23 is being widely tested to treat virtually every known infection, from virus to bacteria to fungus, including AIDS, as well as Epstein Virus (mononucleosis), cancer, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, etc. There is even some suggestion that silver may lead to dedifferentiation of adult cells – perhaps producing your own stem cells to help regeneration!

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