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Another great one from my Poet Laureate:

Shadow Boxing

I have been told and so have you
To think outside the box
That is what good “ads”
Can do
Good platitudes, aphorisms
Attitudes too
Can get us thinking–
If not buying
Get us changing
And maybe trying–
But it is the shadow
That we often neglect to inspect
The other side of the query,
The statement,
The top, the bottom
The paper, the theory
We think what we think
Is the best way
To go
But the shadow
Encourages to contemplate; it
Just might not be so….
What ever you believe
Stand it on its head
Try to take aim from the opposing view
Wind up somewhere else instead…
Think inside the box or out
It may not matter much at all
It is the shadow
That might show the way
The assent
And not the fall…..

Georgianne Ginder

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