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Emotional Intuitive


I have known Barbara Rasor for at least 20 years and she is the best one on one counselor I know today. An hour with  her will beat years of conventional talk therapy! So her gift of 15 minutes is still better than anyone else I know!


Read her note to me:


This is a year of Being of Service to others. And so I would like to offer to anyone who would like a One Question – Up to 15 min. session to fill out the client information form (click on Client Information Questionnaire at the end of this newsletter) and return it to me.  I have included a small article entitled Why Work with an Intuitive that will help individuals who are new to intuitive work.  Please pass it on to all!



Barbara Rasor H.H.P.

Why work with an intuitive?

An intuitive has a unique ability to get in tune with an individual and language those parts of self that fear blocks. Whether it is medical or emotional, fears and old perceptions cause most of our patterns that keep us stuck. For the past 30 years I have met some very talented intuitive’s and have studied this field in such a way that I would like to share with you, the reader, some aspects that will help you decide the type of intuitive you should work with for your particular needs.

There are Medical, Emotional, Financial, and Intuitive Coaches. Many intuitive’s can-do aspects of all four fields but give a more detailed analysis in the field that they are most comfortable and talented. By inquiring the type of information one is seeking and matching it up with an appropriate intuitive the information that is obtained is priceless.

How can one prepare themselves for an intuitive session to maximize the time spent with the intuitive? Asking too broad of questions is the number one problem that doesn’t allow specific answers to be given. Secondly, testing the intuitive to find out if they are intuitive is another problem causing the client to shut down their openness and hide the information.

Here is a checklist of things one can prepare prior to a session with any intuitive.

  1. Inquire as to the intuitive’s skills and preferences
    1. Do they require date of birth, picture, other information prior to session
      1. Are they are medical intuitive versus an emotional intuitive, etc.
      2. Do they teach you tools?
      3. Share pertinent information prior to the session if applicable
        1. Give bullets of information rather than pages
        2. Be specific with the questions you want answered
        3. Make the session about you rather than about others
        4. Be open and allow the intuitive into your personal space
        5. Sit with the information and help through interaction, clarify any points that are not clear or that you are having problems accepting.
        6. Record the session or inquire if the intuitive records.   Review the information later.
All Intuitives have a style that is unique to that individual, so out there is someone who is a match for you! Trust your own intuitive self.

Client Information questionnaire
(It is best to download and save the questionnaire, edit it and attach it to an email to Barbara.)

Email the completed questionnaire to




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