C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D

Medscape recently had an article “Is CAM always a Scam?” The gist of the discussion was that a majority of the panel speakers were truly IGNORANT—ignoring facts! Most were opposed to &/or considered alternative practitioners quacks.

Now I ask you, who is the quack? Conventional physicians push statins as if they were nectar—even though they have a significant incidence of severe muscle pain and weakness, nerve damage, heart muscle damage, brain damage with confusion and memory loss. And it is “scientifically” reported that timed-release niacin is at least as effective as a statin in lowering cholesterol. And the BEST antidepressant drug is reported as 42% effective, but 4 articles in the so-called major scientific journals report that IF THE NEGATIVE RESULTS HAD BEEN ALLOWED TO BE PUBLISHED, THE NET RESULT WOULD BE ZERO. Who indeed is the quack—these snide “conventional” docs have killed far more people with just these two groups of drugs than have been harmed by alternatives in the last 100 years!

Just last week I saw a man who had had severe facial pain for 8 years after a facial fracture—having received only conventional narcotics. Within 5 minutes application of the Shealy PainPro TENS gave him total relief of pain. There is no doubt that conventional medicine shines in MOST acutely serious illnesses. And in my opinion, conventional medicine is equally deficient in most chronic illnesses! I will put the benefits of ENERGY MEDICINE far above most of the PharmacoMafia. Indeed, I put Bliss, the Liss Cranial Electrical Stimulator and the Shealy RelaxMate far above all antidepressants! For a majority of patients with hypertension I put Perfusia, magnesium lotion and autogenic training above all anti-hypertensive drugs.

The ”scientific mainstream” is about as honest as Goldman Sachs, Lehman, JP Morgan and the Bank of America combined!



Shealy Pain Pro TENS * Requires physicians prescription.

LIss Cranial Electrical Stimulator * Requires physicians prescription.

Relax Mate


Magnesium Lotion

Autogenic Training


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