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SCHNELLE WORK – The most unique bodywork

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

For at least 42 years I have been an experiential bodywork enthusiast, exploring massage, shiatsu, Rolfing (76 sessions), Alexander (42 sessions), etc. Over the past 7 years, I have been fortunate to experience David Schnelle, once a week for the first few years and now every other week. David is by far the most unique body worker I have experienced. His technique is not at all like massage. It is his self-discovered combination of many approaches that focus on releasing fascial blocks. Although I have understood since medical school the fascial investment of all tissues and their connectedness from scalp to toes, I had not FELT it until I met David. In the first few years, I would often note a feeling of slight tugging sensation in various apparently unrelated areas, such as feeling my forehead being “pulled” as David worked on my foot, as well as remarkable “unconnected” areas of the body. In the first year, I was having spontaneous and increasing tingling numbness in both hands, similar to the sensations I had had in the 90’s from spinal cord pressure after my spine was dislocate by a physician who came to show me his hot hands and jerked my head 180 degrees in both directions—Emergency surgery after this karmic event at least restored my ability to walk.

As David worked on my muscles, he found areas in the teres muscles that could reproduce the tingling numbness and corrected that sensation completely! For the past two years, despite all my previous physical injuries and surgeries, my body has been remarkably comfortable. Recently, however, I experienced a sharp pain in my left foot while David was working on my left teres muscles.?? It took him several minutes to get that unusual reflex connection freed.

I mention these experiences to remind you that everything in the body is connected.? Sometimes unusual symptoms are the result of fascial tightness that relates to a most unexpected symptom in various distant parts of the body. I have not met anyone else with David’s skill. I have for a couple of years been hoping that he could train other body workers. He is willing to work with one to several in his office to train individuals. If you are interested contact him at


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