C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

During my five decades of exploring safe, effective non-drug approaches to health, I have emphasized first SAFETY! As a simple reminder, just listen if you have the stomach for it, to the rapid list of “side effects” at the end of every drug commercial! In general, most of the many alternatives available are safe but there are some fads that intuitively make no sense. The problem is that many alternative approaches often are touted with considerable Pablum. One of these is Hydrogen Peroxide, orally or intravenously. It has never made sense to me-just observe what happens when you pour a bit of Hydrogen Peroxide on a drop of blood. It fizzes and the red blood cells are essentially ruptured. As with all alternatives, my first question is “Are there any outcome studies?” I finally spent a couple of hours on PubMed and could not find a single articles proving healthy outcomes from drinking hydrogen peroxide or giving it IV. What I did find is a number of serious complications! Death is not a “side effect”. It is a serious complication!! In fact use of Hydrogen Peroxide even for wound irrigation or debridement carries the potential for death!

TOXICOLOGY REVIEW, 2004, 23:51-57

Without going into tedious repetition, there are deaths reported from oral ingestion of Hydrogen Peroxide and from its use IV. I do not recommend it be used even to irrigate the mouth or eyes!!~!


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