When I met Caroline Myss in 1984, I was intrigued by her remarkable Medical Intuitive ability and her concept that we have a contract in life to learn to use Power, Wisely, Responsibly and Lovingly. Over the years her insights led to her development of SACRED CONTRACTS (Harmony Books, N.Y., 2001), her best-selling book. I was fortunate enough to be the first person to do the sacred contract analysis.

Twelve years ago, between two weekend workshops in Holland, Caroline and I spent several days in Spain. Each of 3 days we spent an entire day evaluating one of my archetypal charts, choosing sequentially family, finances and career. These 3 days led to the most intense self-analysis I have experienced and initiated a six month kundalini experience. That alone was a powerful intuitive and transpersonal experience. Since then I have often used Sacred Contracts to help me understand the energetic power of situations or individuals. More importantly, I have used Sacred Contracts with hundreds of students and clients to help them with the insights to overcome difficulties. THERE IS NO PSYCHOTHERAPEUTIC TOOL MORE EFFECTIVE THAN SACRED CONTRACTS.

If you have not read her book, I highly recommend it as a first step in understanding yourself. The ”dance” of the archetypes that occurs as you ask different questions is perhaps its most powerful message that most situations are opportunities for developing forgiveness, tolerance, and serenity. As Ambrose Worrall wrote in ESSAY ON PRAYER, ”Every thought is a prayer”; every challenge is an opportunity to use one’s power wisely, responsibly and lovingly!

Exactly 11 years ago, I experienced the most serious challenge of this life. A physician had jerked my neck, without warning, about 180 degrees in both directions. This led to over 50% compression of my spinal cord at C7-T1, with significant paralysis from the waist down. Thanks to modern surgery and the skills of Dr. John Collis, emergency decompression led to remarkable recovery. As the anesthesiologist injected a drug to put me to sleep, I realized that this was the exact moment for perfect healing. A week later I had my Job experience — ”Why me? I did nothing to deserve this”. After one day of wallowing, I realized that without the wisdom of Sacred Contracts, I might have continued into the pits of depression. Instead, I was grateful that this particular challenge led me to greater understanding of my personal contract. Life is am opportunity to experience and to learn from our choices.

I encourage you to learn from your experiences. Read and do SACRED CONTRACTS. If you need more help, I teach a course at Holos University Graduate Seminary, Caroline also teaches a series of in-depth courses at CMED, Happiness comes from the Wise use of your personal Power, Responsibly and Lovingly. Sacred Contracts is the best tool I know.

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