For the past decade my work has focused on rejuvenation of life energy. Recent results have been excitingly positive. Then came the Big Bang-aren’t computers and the Internet great? Last week with the collapse of my website and shopping art, I was hopeful that we could be born again this week. Alas it may take 3 weeks!

There may be no newsletters for a week or two and then we will be back as My new website and recommended products will feature almost exclusively the products I have produced and will focus on the 5 Bliss oils and the magnesium lotions. I truly believe that these are the most important creations of my career. Much more on that to come.

We will be having a number of special discounts to complete all the many other products I will no longer carry many supplements available elsewhere. You will be able to email me about products but I will not be able to answer personal questions about symptoms and diseases. I strongly suggest you look in the Optimal Health link where there will be my recommendations for everything for which I have an alternative recommendation.

Meanwhile, keep the faith!


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