Regenerative Medicine


At Real Holistic Doc, we trust in the body’s inherent capacity for healing and regeneration. Just as your body can mend cuts or mend broken bones at the cellular level, our Regenerative Medicine services operate on a similar concept. We utilize your body’s own resources to promote healing and rejuvenation, focusing these resources where they’re needed most. 

How We're Different

Based in Springfield, MO, we are proud to offer these cutting-edge services. Our innovative approaches aim to harness the natural healing abilities of the body, directing them to speed recovery and restore optimal functionality. 


Regenerative medicine provides a host of advantages that could transform your health journey:


To get started, schedule an initial appointment with us. We’ll review your needs and determine whether regenerative medicine is the right choice for you. 

Schedule an appointment

Ready to explore the regenerative capabilities of your own body? Schedule your initial appointment today by calling 417-351-5221. 

Please note: Individual results may vary and are not guaranteed. It’s important to have realistic expectations and discuss your goals and potential outcomes with our team.

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