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Dr. Clair Francomano, Norm Shealy and Caroline Myss

An Engaging Discussion on Health


The Kyani teleconference of January 26, 2016 started with Norm Shealy reporting that he learned yesterday of a Chinese herbalist who says she has been opening the daily packet of Kyani Sunrise and spreading it on her face. She says it has gotten rid of her double chin and made her look decades younger. The herbalist also reported putting Kyani NitroXtreme on her chakras with amazing results.
Norm then asked Caroline Myss where she would put the NX to activate each chakra.
An energetic discussion followed. Caroline stated that the 3 Kyani nutrients are essentially activating life energy or prana, providing enzymes to oxygenate cells, adding high voltage energy. This changes our relation to time. She mentioned that a huge number of people are depressed and uncreative because they are attached to their past history, dragged down by the chains of their past.
When vitalized by these organic energies, there is a blast into present time, allowing individuals to detach from drains of the past. The Kyani reboots the body and mind and individuals find that they want to stay vital, connected to present time. It provides not only physical and mental energy but to Be Here Now.
The overall result is similar to the boost to energy that occurs when you fall in love as never before, which brings you into present time. This increases synchronicity because there is no energy in the past. When energized, life begins working again. It could be called Body Youthing.
Basically the Kyani nutrients work not for maintenance but for healing. You become accustomed to the new energy, so it is important not to stop and start but to continue nourishing the entire system. Actually these nutrients are solar energizers. And, the body begins to crave it not just for the physical benefits, but for the psychic and soul benefits. Since the onset of the nuclear age, humans are
evolving our multisensory nature which connects us to our intuitive and spiritual selves. Kyani nourishes our solar anatomy! The fruits and vegetables are concentrated solar energy. Every person on earth now needs these products,
which are an antidote to GMO foods that de-energize us. We need natural solar derived products derived from optimal plants to restore us to our psyche and soul. People have failed to realize that the physical world is the world of our 5 senses. The psyche and soul are the engine of our physical and mental bodies. The subtle energies of our bodies require this connection with psyche and soul. At least 50% of people are taking drugs for depression and anxiety in order to deal with the stress of life. They have no idea how to maintain psychic health. Kyani is the Golden Jewel to nourish our psyche and balance the subtle energies that affect our health at all levels. The stability of this subtle energy controls our psyche. As Dr. Francomano said, we need a revolution in medical schools so that physicians recognize the essential nature of our energy system. Many physicians are so stressed that they are not connected themselves; their intuition is compromised. This self-betrayal leads to a crisis of the soul, which is affecting a majority of people. Drugs are Betrayal Medicine!
Medications for depression and anxiety create huge costs and damage. It is much less expensive to use the unique benefits of Kyani! People spend money on the gym, hair, Bo-tox and useless drugs. The cost of Kyani is far more beneficial for your well-being. It is essential to replenish yourself with the organic holistic solar energizing Kyani nutrients to obtain real vitality. It is not an instant cure but over time it restores the energy of psyche and soul.
There is a crisis of spiritual faith, as the fundamental pillars of society have been destroyed in the nuclear age-family and church habits of the heart have come down, and the mythology of God have been replaced with archetypes of demons and vampires, creating archetypal toxicity. People are paralyzed by legal threats and the insurance chaos.
Kyani nutrients are an excellent way to restore our connection with psyche and soul, creating a new biology to treat our subtle bodies.

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