Rebuttal to Misleading Carnitine Report

On April 13, 2013, a meta-analysis performed by the Mayo Clinic looked at 3,600 patients and found huge cardiac benefits in those who supplemented with L-carnitine. This study represented the largest, most powerful scientific review of carnitine’s cardiovascular benefits to date.

The Mayo Clinic study found carnitine supplementation was associated with a 27% reduction in all-cause mortality, a 65% reduction in ventricular arrhythmias, and a 40% reduction in angina symptoms in patients who had experienced a heart attack. The media largely overlooked this favorable report.

Instead, headline news stories were created based on a report released a week earlier that had asserted that carnitine found in red meat would react with certain gut bacteria in certain individuals to promote a compound (TMAO) that would then cause heart disease.

These findings were based on an evaluation of 10 people. They were obscure, theoretical and preliminary. Yet the media ignored hundreds of studies showing significant cardiovascular benefits to carnitine, choosing instead to use this study in isolation to bash anything that contained carnitine.

Life Extension(r) has thoroughly analyzed the report used by the media to attack carnitine, reviewed the published literature on carnitine and heart disease, and conducted a survey of our members using carnitine. It may not surprise you to learn that our findings contradict the mainstream’s propagandized carnitine attack. You can read our in-depth rebuttal to this attack on carnitine by clicking here .

I hope you appreciate discovering the facts behind misleading reports spewing from today’s headline-frenzied media.For longer life,
William Faloon

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