Psychopaths, Sociopaths and just plain crooks
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

For years I have joked that I am going to write a 3 Volume series, PSYCHOPATHS I HAVE KNOWN. Most of those I have known are what I call financial psychopaths—like Lehman Brothers, Goldman, Sachs, Bank of America and J P Morgan and all the other crooks who introduced the unbelievable worthless derivatives to ruin the world economy, etc. I have personally been robbed up front of over $500,000. Small potatoes in the real world. About 10 years ago I began to recognize them coming and turned them away at the door! I hope that is a forever lesson!

I have known at least two murderers, one as a patient; and two of my close physician friend were murdered. I have known thousands of patients who were raped and/or sexually abused as children. To me murder, rape, robbery and purposeful abuse are true evil behaviors. I have not been able to get a percentage of the population which falls easily into those categories. I remember well that in 1974 the Chair of the Insurance Commission of Pennsylvania stated that at least 15% of physicians were crooks! All major psychopathies reveal totally unfulfilled and ultimately unhappy people. I SERIOUSLY WONDER HOW MANY POLITICIANS ARE EVEN BASICALLY HONEST. Al Quie, the wonderful Minnesotan who quit as a Representative in Congress told us that after 22 years he had given up on finding enough honest people in Congress—it was no longer worth his life energy. He became Governor of Minnesota and had an illustrious later career helping prisoners!

Much more common than the real crooks are those who cheat, lie freely, etc. And the most common of all unfulfilled people are those with significant depression– 40% of the population with another 40% subclinically depressed. Psychopaths and sociopaths are not of course depressed! They have no super ego. At any rate psychopathology is common! The 20% of people who appear to have escaped the human miasma are remarkable, and now I am ready to focus only on them. What is it that makes one fully conscious and conscientious? Is there anything we can learn from them to help the majority? I am as certain as possible that a fully functioning oxytocin system is a foundation. And so far Bliss on the Ring of Air appears to be the safest and most effective way to start the process. Over the next couple of months I hope to prove effectiveness of 4 unique oils that I am currently testing for the other Rings. Th goal is simple, safe ways to start retraining the body to function as it was created to do—to recover from the traumas which have strangled normal function.

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