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How It Happens To Us & How To Defend Ourselves

Many of us have come to appreciate that we live in more than a physical world. We also share in a realm of subtle energies of thoughts and feelings. This is the psychic environment that surrounds each us. The influence of these forces are usually subtle, sometimes forceful, occasionally harmful, and always present.

There is a dark side of these forces that can harm us. For instance, the anger, fear, or sadness that other people feel is not only an unpleasant event for them-it also can be irritating to us. Their dark mood become the equivalent of a bad body odor that offends all those nearby.

Psychic vandalism is what happens when we suffer from the negative thoughts and feelings of other people. If you have ever suffered from fatigue or irritability after being around nasty people, you probably have been a victim of psychic vandalism.

My new book, Psychic Vandalism-How it Happens & How to Defend Ourselves is the product of decades of having to cope with psychic vandalism directed at me. Out of long experience, I have often tried to write about this topic, but the psychic attacks were so severe that I had to shelve the effort. However, I am now ready to complete the work.

The work consists of five parts. The first part explains how all of us generate mental and emotional energies that become the psychic forces that accompany silent thoughts and overt speech. These energies can be created, stored, projected, and received. They can have a significant impact on our mood and beliefs when we are bathed in them.

The second part describes the subtle and overt symptoms of psychic vandalism at the levels of physical, emotional, mental, and creative activities. Many are unaware of the subtle erosion of confidence, joy, and courage that can occur when we are not on guard against the negativity of others-especially those who dislike or envy us, our beliefs, and our abilities.

The third part describes the methods that can be helpful in defending ourselves against all forms of psychic vandalism. This is far more than the usual imagined shell of light or simple affirmations that others write about. The real shell that protects us from psychic attack is made up of our strong, focused convictions, attitudes, intentions, commitment to excellence, and attunement to higher powers. Establishing this takes time and meticulous effort.

The fourth part of Psychic Vandalism deals with the work of repair of existing damage to our beliefs, self-esteem, and assertiveness. This is a vital step in building up a permanent defense against psychic vandalism. It requires thorough mental housecleaning and integration of our personality around noble values and beliefs.

The fifth part of Psychic Vandalism is concerned with the tremendous power and threat of negative groups. Group vandalism-usually from religious or political groups-is very prevalent and much more difficult to manage than an attack by an individual. This is because the collective energies of hundreds can be harnessed to overwhelm any single individual. The methods of defense for this type of vandalism are also quite different.

I am writing this book in a different manner than previous books. The first PUBLICATION WILL BY THROUGH E-MAIL. For those who subscribe, I will send out one chapter (from 1,100 to 2,000 words) at a time-usually once or twice a week until it is complete in nine to twelve months. At the end, all of it will be published in a standard book form.

I plan to begin sending out chapters at the beginning of March, 2007.

The cost of subscribing to this e-mail book will be $50.00.

As the text will be copyrighted, I ask that all subscribers print only one copy for personal or family use but not otherwise copy this material either physically or electronically.

To subscribe, write me at P.O. Box 6891, Baltimore, MD 21285. Please provide me with your e-mail address.

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