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Are All Psychiatric Drugs too Unsafe to Take?

by Peter Breggin, MD


Posted on – Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Natural News Article



Antipsychotic drugs, including both older and newer ones, cause shrinkage (atrophy) of the brain in many human brain scan studies and in animal autopsy studies.

Antipsychotic drugs masquerading as sleep aids:

Antipsychotic drugs masquerading as antidepressant and bipolar drugs

SSRI Antidepressants:

These drugs produce long-term apathy and loss of quality of life. Many studies of SSRIs show severe brain abnormalities, such as shrinkage -atrophy

Non-benzo sleep aids:


These drugs pose similar problems to the benzos, including memory and other mental problems, dependence and painful withdrawal. They can cause many abnormal mental states and behaviors, including dangerous sleepwalking. Insufficient data is available concerning brain shrinkage and dementia,



All of these drugs pose similar if not identical long-term dangers to children and adults. In humans, many brain scan studies show that they cause brain tissue shrinkage (atrophy


Mood stabilizers: Can lead to

permanent memory and mental dysfunction, including depression, suppression of white blood cells and infections, death, etc, etc


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