Men and Ladies:

Since men pay far less attention to health, ladies help your mates! There are many important reasons to help prevent the most common male cancer, of the prostate.

Measure the levels of:

3alpha Adiol, 3 beta Adiol, and dihydrotestosterone. If 3beta Adiol is less that the total of 3 alpha Adiol plus the level of DHT, you need to increase 3 beta-Adiol!!! In other words, 3 beta Adiol should be higher than DHT + 3 alpha Adiol. Interestingly, you also need a free T3 at least in the normal mid-range!


  • Daily 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 tablespoons of coconut oil
  • NADH 20 mg daily
  • NOW’s Opti-Zinc, one daily
  • Lithium orotate 20 mg daily
  • If your T 3 is low, add Iodoral one tablet weekly and Fire Bliss daily
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