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Poison Heels

We poison our earth with impunity
Dig our heels in and carry on…and carry out
As if the earth exists as our enemy instead of our home, our healer
We spray our skies with chemical trails…medical and toxic waste and so much more
We fracture our water…our living water and wonder why we are such a sickened and cancerous breed
We poison, alter and modify our seeds so they longer will sustain us
We pretend that such chemical mutations and toxins are beneficial to us,
Will make us wiser, healthier,
Save us money
Make life easier
Provide us leisure
But we are not enjoying our leisure… for we are foolish and seldom truly free
We are exploiting as we are exploited and fail to want to see
All the while we grow weaker, impoverished, banal and greedy
Progress is it called.
Some call it so
But I?
I am here now.
Here to awaken you… to remind you too
For like you…when WE are true to ourselves, WE know.
We tell ourselves that poison heals
That chemical cocktails, never before known to Humankind,
To Animals and Plants
To our Minerals, Water and Ground…
To any and all-
Are good.
That merging man and mouse in the name of research-
That the “clone’ of a cure is pure and wise…
That chemo “therapies” and the radiation
Drugs that render us helpless…
Immune compromised–
Toxification of our bodies and our souls
Will buy us ‘time’
Will free us from ourselves
So we can beat death and live forever!
But I know better
And so does our Mother Earth, our living lesson, our judicious and prudent teacher,
Who with our Father God has given birth-
Our Supreme Higher Power
And Powers-
Those who are crying out to us
Beseeching us to awaken and to see
The eagle and dove, the wolf and the sparrow,
The butterfly and the bee
The flower and tree
Are reminding us…of what we are soon to lose
The rolling waters and whistling winds are warning….
Yet we often seem unwilling to slow down and to listen
We are busy and we are branded and we are culpable
We want our progress and we want our sweet breads…and we long for more and more to consume
Even as we are consumed
Eaten alive
And still we pretend that we are wise
That nature and nurture must graciously bow to our new and EVER newer science
Our compliance and reliance go unquestioned and rewarded!
Though deep, deep down
Within our soul spirits
We detect (oh yes, many do) that we are losing our way and we seem unable-seemingly unwilling to find our higher voice;
We suspect somehow that we have abandoned the Wisdom God of all Times and Places
We have chosen to ride the road of relentless pursuit of egotistic power
To poison ourselves appears to make no sense
And yet we applaud those who are willing to do so
Who confidently lead us into disruption
Who sell their sort of snake oil that cause many to relent
Who promote such practices and pronounce them ‘safe and good”
Who grow in power and might and reputation and call it advancement
We mindlessly envy those who rise up to take us on a course of mass destruction and incremental deceit
For they too have been deceived and are willing to remain asleep
Who take our monies andexperiment upon our lives, and livelihood…
Our health and wellness…and ask us to continue to trust
Not to question but to buy in.
And some of us…do…buy in
But I?
I have returned to ask you
Is this wise, or good, or safe, or true?
I ask you
And I await your reply
The Mother and the Father?
They weep and out they cry
What has caused this contemporary crop of “humankind”
A kind of willful and seemingly impoverished beings, to ignore what is beyond reason?
Many seek to be lulled in slumber and yet there are those who long to be set free
I, Princess Woh de ke ca return to speak with one and all who will listen that
Poison does not heal
Poison clouds, distracts, destroys and deludes
Wisdom prevails, summons and patiently intrudes.
Time will bear the truth for those who are wise enough to wonder, to wander and to see.
For the rest, who remain asleep-
Poison heals.
Poison heels…The name of those who select blindness over the Light. Who live in unquestioning dimness and declare such darkness safe and good
Yet there are always those who claim THE SIGHT
Georgianne Ginder
(Woh de ke ca) My Campfire Girls (Sixth grade and beyond at West Elementary) name which means “Skillful Artist’
From the Clan of A o wa ki ya-those who band together for a purpose-
Easter Eve
March 26, 2016
One must first convince, delude and even lie to himself in order to deceive another — GSG
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Fair Grove, MO 65648
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