PIMPS FOR THE PharmacoMafia
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

It is no longer news that many “leaders” in psychiatry are paid by the PharmacoMafia to inflate results to get an increasing number of people on their mostly dangerous and useless drugs. On June 2, BBC released the latest recommendations from The Wolfson Institute by none other than Professor Sir Nicholas Wald—ALL people over 55 should be “offered” drugs to lower cholesterol and blood pressure!! Instead of the “expense” of screening, just push the potentially poisonous drugs even on those who do not need them. He even says “ Everyone would benefit because, for blood pressure and cholesterol, the lower the better.” WHAT ABSURD PSYCHOTIC NONSENSE!! SICKO.

Cholesterol below 150 is dangerous to your brain, hormonal system and immune system. Blood pressure below a systolic of 90 is dangerous, period! Only 24% of people are “at risk” but this pimp for the PharmacoMafia wants to put the other 76% on these dangerous and, for them, unnecessary drugs. I suggest he be put on the strongest antipsychotic drugs available—all of them!

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