Dr. Gary Kohl recently sent one of his always great Duty to Warn columns which warns of the PharmacoMafia.


Medical Journals Are an Extension of the Marketing Arm of Pharmaceutical Companies

by Richard Smith, MD – May 17, 2005

Posted at: https://journals.plos.org/plosmedicine/article?id=10.1371/journal.pmed.0020138

“(Medical) journals have devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry” “We know that the system of peer review is biased, unjust, unaccountable, incomplete, easily fixed, often insulting, usually ignorant, occasionally foolish, and frequently wrong.” – Richard Horton, MD, current editor-in-chief of the Lancet

“(Medical journal) editors know that publishing such studies is highly profitable… editors are increasingly responsible for the budgets of their journals and for producing a profit for the owners.” – Richard Smith, MD, retired editor of the British Medical Journal


The much bigger problem lies with the original studies, particularly the clinical trials, published by journals.

In other words, the studies paid for by the PharmacoMafia are FALSE and distorted by cheating on results by, among other cheating ways

  • Use multiple endpoints in the trial and select for publication those that give favorable results.
  • Do multicentre trials and select for publication results from centers that are favorable.

AND even then remember that the BEST results are most often only modestly better than placebo and over 100,000 people are killed in this country every year by prescribed drugs. Personally there is NO circumstance under which I would take:

  • Statins
  • Anti-depressants
  • Tranquilizers, anti-anxiety drugs
  • Anti-Hypertensive drugs
  • Anti-cancer drugs

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