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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


As I emphasize repeatedly, nothing is more important than personal health! At the top of my list is physical fitness, which requires both good nutrition and physical exercise. I have personally been physically active since childhood, mostly with at home exercise. Sports are wonderful—if you participate regularly. If you are a weekend athlete or an occasional seasonal athlete, look out!? Individuals who do not condition themselves every week, a minimum of 5 days a week, are at much greater risk of injury.?


I began regular yoga in 1974, along with a variety of other exercises. For a number of years I played racquetball 4 to 5 hours a week. And I did some horseback riding. June 16, 1995, I awoke mostly paralyzed from the waist down, the result of a physician (M.D.) who jerked my neck 180 degrees in both directions. I have known since the incident that it was karmic. I cut off his head several hundred years ago!? Thanks to the miracles of modern surgery, I had emergency decompression of my spinal cord, done by the finest spinal surgeon in the country, Dr. John Collis of Cleveland. My spine is now fused from the fifth cervical vertebra through the first thoracic vertebra. I have recovered remarkably well but I no longer play racquetball or go horseback riding. I have some residual weakness and spasticity in my legs but I exercise one to two hours every day. I had thought of consulting a Physical Trainer but never felt the intuitive connection to have a consultation until I met Andrew Mackey, Three months ago I had the great fortune to have a consultation with Andrew. In one hour he showed me several terrific exercises which improved some of my greatest deficits immediately. A month later, I was fortunate to have several more sessions with Andrew. I have been using a Health Rider for 13 years. Andrew showed me two MUCH better ways to use my favorite total body exercise machine!? In addition, he introduced me to the BOSU, a simple and marvelous addition, as well as several other tools and exercises.?

Just as you will do much better with a specific language teacher to learn a new language, a competent Physical Trainer is not a luxury it provides the best possible program for true physical fitness. Andrew has a broad holistic approach to health and well-being.?


I am convinced that most people need a counselor, coach, trainer, guide, mentor, director for optimal health. Physicians are terrific in managing acute illness. However, with rare exception, they offer little guidance in achieving health or managing chronic problems. Go to them for acute illness and for diagnostic evaluation. For optimal physical fitness, consult someone like Andrew. As with everything related to health, if you do not feel that the first person you consult is the BEST, you might do well to go to

He can help you develop an integrated, comprehensive program that optimizes time, lifestyle, motivation, health and spiritual well-being. I have always felt that children need a surrogate parent while they are growing up!? I now feel that adults need a surrogate coach or guide for optimal health!

I have listed on my site, spiritual healers and spiritual healers. These are all individuals I know ant feel are competent. I am adding this week Physical Trainers.



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