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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.



Copyright © 1971 by Gary Allenwith Larry Abraham  ISBN: 0899666612

A vivid dream shortly thereafter clearly told me that this was the truth. Then out came CALL IT CONSPIRACY by Larry Abraham, calling a spade a spade! THE COMMITTEE OF 300 by John Coleman brought the most sanguine and truly believable overview. This book in 2nd edition is available on the internet. And a summary of the Goals of the Committee are well summarized in

My first David Icke book was THE BIGGEST SECRET, which is enough to make you think he is truly bonkers, and I won’t bore you with some of the most unpalatable tales. More than half a dozen of his books later, THE PERCEPTION DECEPTION is enough to make anyone turn off-tedious with almost a thousand pages of highly repetitious but amazingly detailed description of the overall situation.

There are many other authors who have detailed much of the same criminal Mafioso behavior. And even Eisenhower warned us of the Military Industrial Complex. Jesse Ventura’s book AMERICAN CONSPIRACIES also clearly informed us of the behind the scenes control of our government, including the Committee’s responsibility for the murder of all our assassinated Presidents.

A look at the current world insanity should be enough to convince anyone with a normal IQ that so much coordinated chaos has to be controlled. I urge you to read at least:

Then look at the events today and see how this fits Coleman’s overview of the cabal, Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Committee of 300-he predicted all the overwhelming progression towards an end state, One World Government, by one evil overarching group! I have no idea how to stop the monsters but at least, if you are being prepared for something that will make the Nazi extermination camps look benign, you need to be aware of it! When the CRASH comes, remember this note

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