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Past Life Therapy



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Plus CERTIFICATION as a Past Life Therapist!

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Since 1972 I have considered Past Life Therapy (PLT) to be the most effective psychotherapy in the world.  Even a single session can be miraculous.  Personally I have had at least two dozen sessions with 5 different therapists, as well as numerous personal recalls.  I have also done many hundreds of sessions with clients and probably a few thousand in group sessions.

The Master PLT teacher and practitioner is Morris Netherton, Ph.D.  I have known him 3 decades and at least half my personal sessions have been with him.  I have often said he could get the Pope or an Orthodox Rabbi to experience a past life.  Now, whether you consider the experience to be an allegory or an historical event, the results of PLT are superior to any other hour I have seen or experienced by anyone!


The reason for this note is to mention that Morris is retired from clinical practice BUT he teaches his technique once a year, here at Holos Institutes of Health, Fair Grove, MO. This could be your last chance to learn and be certified by the MASTER!

Part I is May 19-23, 2014


Part II is October 6-10, 2014 (LIMITED TO 7 STUDENTS)


If there are more than 7 students interested in Part II, a second Part II session may be scheduled for October 13-17

If you complete both parts satisfactorily, Dr. Netherton CERTIFIES you as a PAST LIFE THERAPIST.  If you want to experience the BEST and especially if you wish to be certified by him, call  855-329-2124 or  417-467-2124 and sign up for his classes.

PAST LIFE THERAPY Part I– May 19-23 

Instructor: Morris Netherton, Ph.D.


Download this Syllabus

Instructor Bio

Tuition $850, includes 5 lunches


Download this Syllabus, Part II

Tuition $850, includes 5 lunches


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