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I just learned of the death of Denys Kelsey, the Patriarch of Past Life Therapy. In 1974 I had the great fortune to have a past life therapy session with Denys Kelsey, at a time when his wife, Joan Grant, was still alive. Having done many hundreds of PLT sessions, having had a few dozen such sessions for myself, and having had an equal number of spontaneous recalls, I am convinced, as was Denys Kelsey, that PLT is better than 18 months or years of other forms of psychotherapy! Today Morris Netherton is the leading Past Life Therapist, and now the Patriarch and we are most fortunate to have him teaching two courses at Holos University Graduate Seminary. Those interested should begin now to plan for next May’s courses.

Below is a description of Denys Kelsey’s latest book, published posthumously. You have to order it from England (details at the end) but it is a treasure worth having.


Reincarnation, Psychiatry and Daily Life

by Denys Kelsey

Denys Kelsey qualified as a doctor but specialised in psychiatry for close on 50 years after discovering a gift for hypnosis. He will always be remembered for introducing to modern psychiatry the fact, as he believed it to be, that not only have we all had many lives before our current one but that the origin of some psychiatric problems may lie in a patient’s former lifetime and still be accessible to therapy. His unique approach resulted in the rapid resolution of a considerable number of psychiatric problems that had not responded to therapy within the usual framework of psychiatry. Surprisingly, he found his belief in reincarnation focused attention on the ‘Here and Now’. In the first part of the book Denys draws heavily on his clinical experience to make a convincing case for believing in reincarnation. And, since one cannot believe in reincarnation without believing in the reality of a non-physical component that can reincarnate, he offers some thoughts concerning this and the part it plays in consciousness.

The second part of the book is largely concerned with the contribution that reincarnation makes to our understanding of character. He explains why he is convinced that although character traits reincarnate and are often the crucial factor in a psychiatric problem, nevertheless we have the power to change them if we choose to do so. This has proved of immense value in therapy. Thoughts and insights are shared that explain in a novel way how certain common psychiatric problems develop in daily life, how they can be dealt with and how they can be forestalled. These are expressed in simple non-technical terms. And, as throughout the book, points are illustrated by reference to actual cases. The two parts of the book are closely linked and Part II in particular distinguishes it from other books that have been published in recent years about reincarnation and ‘past-life therapy’. The two parts complement one another to form a unity, which Denys thought of as a legacy to all people, lay and professional. Now and Then is written in a flowing style that makes it easily accessible to all readers and provides a fascinating insight into the effects of past lives on our everyday living.

Available from the publisher, Trencavel Press, 3 Broadfield Court, 1-3 Broadfield Road, Folkestone CT20 2JT, Tel: 01303 250748, e-mail:, by credit card from the website: (or contact the publisher).

Now and Then. Reincarnation, Psychiatry and Daily Life. Denys Kelsey. (2007) 228 pp. ?13.99. Trencavel Press, Folkestone. ISBN 978-0-9545786-2-6.

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