Wendy did not send me the names of the parents.  However, personally, I firmly believe parents have the right to choose or refuse medical therapies.  It is evil mafioso medical traits to force treatment against the wishes of the parents. How often are such medical rapes really successful?? Pray for consciousness!~!~!
Dear Norm, you may be aware of the couple in England who have escaped to Spain from this supposedly free country. Ha ha! who are spending thousands of pounds trying to give their son the very best chance of survival from a brain tumour by having proton beam treatment. They removed their son from hospital against traditional medical advice. Although it is questionable whether they have done anything wrong and it appears they are being charged with neglect. They are now probably facing extradition back to the UK and, worse than cruel, they have been separated from their very sick son. I feel these people need as much help from everyone as they can get.
Perhaps you could put this out on one of your posts and to ask as many people to pray for them.
With thanks for your many much appreciated crusading and pioneering articles that have enlightened so many of us.
Kindest thoughts.
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