Oxytocin—The Essential Hormone for Happiness, Health and Longevity
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Oxytocin deficiency has now been found in every known psychological, emotional disorder—AHHD, Autism, Anxiety, Depression, Gambling, OCD, Borderline personality, and Schizophrenia. And we need look no further than the first 7 years and nine months of life to discover the cause! It is unequivocally a major trauma sometime between conception and 7 years of age.

There is “an inverse correlation between plasma oxytocin and the volume of the right amygdala and the right hippocampus, 2 brain areas implicated in fear and anxiety.”? Stress at any time significantly activates the catecholamine fight or flight system, which significantly suppresses oxytocin. Interestingly even in hypertension, well over half of hypertensive individuals have alexithymia, a significant inability to relate emotionally. In males, but not in women, oxytocin can lower blood pressure. In all the emotional disorders listed at the beginning, intranasal sprays of oxytocin have been proven to improve the emotional problem, BUT intranasal sprays have to be done 4 times a day, and have no ability to restore the brain’s ability to produce oxytocin.

In another study “Oxytocin had no influence on ratings of negative emotionality, conscientiousness, rejection sensitivity, depression, worry, self-esteem, and perceived social support.” But it did improve “self-perceptions of personality.” That was a single “dose”, and there are numerous studies that demonstrate improvement in all negative emotions with continuing inhalation of oxytocin. The potential problem with long-term intranasal oxytocin is nasal mucosa atrophy and it is not inexpensive.

Meanwhile, I have reports from many individuals with outstanding success in anxiety, depression, PTSD, and insomnia.

My two favorite reports to date are:

  • A veteran with long-standing PTSD has been remarkably improved, not only from the first night of using Air Bliss, but for over 6 weeks now. He reports that his wife is also sleeping better because his nightmares no longer disturb either of them
  • One woman wrote that her 60 year old son had been obnoxiously depressed all his life but “is now a pleasure to be around” using Air Bliss twice a day.


A huge percentage of women suffer months to years with menopausal blues, with symptoms ranging from insomnia, to anxiety, depression, irritability and severe hot flashes, etc. Recently a 50 year old woman contacted me about her terrible mood problems that were practically incapacitating her. I suggested that she use Air Bliss twice a day. Even though it made her feel almost too calm and relaxed, she quickly learned that she could get up and keep working and feel GREAT!

It turns out that oxytocin has been used as a nasal spray for emotional/mental symptoms and additionally for local application to the clitoris to help vaginal dryness.

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