C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.
Over a decade ago, I demonstrated that Giga-stimulation (with the Shealy PainPro) of the Ring of Air strikingly raised Neurotensin, a natural brain neuroleptic, which regulates luteinizing hormone and prolactin release as well as facilitates oxytocin enhancement. It is also an analgesic. Oxytocin is known as the bonding or nurturing hormone—or even the “peace” hormone. In my workshops, participants almost universally report feeling calm, relaxed and detached after massaging and tapping these points.
Recently in 10 volunteers, we measured oxytocin before and after Giga stimulation of the Ring of Air and several days later measured oxytocin before and after application of BLISS perfume to the same points. BLISS is a perfume I created intuitively to produce the same feeling I get from Ring of Air Stimulation. Giga stimulation of the Ring of Air raised oxytocin in 8 of the participants—the same percent as our original findings with Neurotensin. BLISS raised oxytocin in 6 of the participants. Meanwhile I have evaluated BLISS application in almost 100 individuals and virtually all report feeling calm, relaxed, and detached—free of anxiety. Obviously this may be the result of the combination of increased Neurotensin and oxytocin. I BELIEVE THS MAY BE THE MOST IMPORTANT DISCOVERY IN MY 59 YEARS OF RESEARCH!
Oxytocin inadequacy has been reported in every known emotional/mental disorder, from autism, ADHD, depression, and OCD to schizophrenia. Brief trials of intranasal oxytocin have been reported successful in all these conditions. That becomes rather expensive and I am concerned that it could lead to nasal mucosal atrophy long term.
Meanwhile, I think that almost everyone may enjoy the BLISS experience. I will be exploring its use to assist management of anxiety, depression and other related problems.

Incidentally, you may remember my focus on conscientiousness. Undoubtedly being calm, relaxed and detached allows you to feel more at peace with yourself and able to focus on conscientiousness.


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