Dubbed the “Miracle Molecule”, (NO) is a gas naturally created in mammals that conveys information between cells. In the last decade researchers have found that NO is a signaling molecule of key importance for the cardiovascular system, regulating blood pressure and blood flow to different organs. In addition, discoveries surrounding nitric oxide’s role as a principal neurotransmitter moderating erectile function, a pathophysiological negotiator and messenger in inflammation, and a weapon against infections have increased research attention across the fields of biochemistry, chemistry, molecular biology, gene therapy, cell biology, immunology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and physiology.

Over the course of the last few years, a major shift is occurring away from the usage of l-arginine products (animal by-product sourced) as a precursor supplement to that of a natural product with (plant based) nitrates and nitrites obtained from organically grown noni fruit.

The Nobel Forum at Karolinska Institute, site of the Third International Meeting on the Role of Nitrate and Nitrite in Physiology, Pathophysiology and Therapeutics in December of 2009, elucidated the superiority of the nitrate/nitrite pathway in the human body.

The company leading the charge in this new science is Kyani. As many of you have read in a prior newsletter, I have conducted definitive research on this company’s product NitroXtreme and seen in my own study the advantages in controlling blood pressure safely.

The amino acid pathway (l-arginine/l-citruline) is highly dependent upon the environment in the host mammal to create optimal levels of NO. Unfortunately as we age, health diminishes as the ability to create NO through the l-arginine pathway becomes greatly compromised.

The critical factors include:

  • Healthy blood vessel linings- endothelial cells play a critical role in the conversion of l-arginine to NO. In fact, the individuals that need NO the very most, those with cardiovascular disease, have greatly diminished capacity to create it via the l-arginine pathway. When moderate amounts of l-arginine fails to reduce blood pressure, large quantities are unlikely to help and may just cause diarrhea.
  • Low levels of an enzyme – Asymmetric Dimethyl Arginine or ADMA for short. This enzyme isn’t bad, just as cholesterol isn’t bad. In fact, it plays a very important role in the maintenance of lean muscle mass, connective tissue and even organ integrity as we age. In fact as we age, it increasingly diverts l-arginine to that role, limiting the body’s ability to create NO from l-arginine.
  • The presence of oxygen in sufficient quantity is also required to facilitate the body’s ability to make NO via the l-arginine pathway.

In addition to the above limiting factors to optimal NO generation via the l-arginine pathway, side effects of higher dosing to overcome the above three critical factors can result in activation of the herpes simplex virus in its many variants such as the venereal disease, cold sores, shingles, etc., diarrhea and even cases of increased blood serum levels of magnesium where supplemental magnesium was not administered. This last issue, increases in blood serum magnesium while not definitively linked to organ and interstitial depletion is believed to have been directly causal to reports of heart arrhythmias.

Excitingly, the next generation of NO precursor (nitrates and nitrites) carries with it its own oxygen molecule and is not dependent upon local oxygen presence. This becomes truly significant in instances such as stroke or heart attacks where vaso-dilatation is needed at the site of the blockage.

The nitrate/nitrite pathway is likewise superior, in that ADMA cannot divert it nor do incidents of diarrhea or herpes activation occur.

Below is a short list of the benefits of NO, as reported in medical and scientific literature:

  • Increased Energy
  • Muscle building
  • Preventing atherosclerosis
  • Lowering blood pressure in hypertension
  • Overcoming GERD
  • Male potency
  • Endurance
  • Mental alertness
  • Immune function
  • Decreasing inflammation
  • Increased sexual energy
  • Improved memory
  • Pain relief in arthritis

In my opinion The BEST, safest, and most efficient Nitric Oxide facilitator is Kyani NitroXtreme

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