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NeuroRegeneration Conference

October 23 & 24, 2015
Orlando Florida

A Message from Dr. Lee Cowden,  Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board and Academy Professor at ACIM

I predict that the ACIM NeuroRegeneration Conference in Orlando on October 23-24 will be superb.  Almost without fail, each patient has some neurological issue and many of them are quite severe.  These issues not only affect their lifestyle and their relationships but, in some cases, their ability to get well.   Please don’t miss this event in Orlando as 18 world class experts bring you the latest on NeuroRegeneration and show you solutions for your patients with various neurological conditions.  You will be glad you went!
Great news!  I have been able to get you an incredible deal!  This deal includes a deeply-discounted Pre-Conference in addition to an extended early-bird price for the main NeuroRegeneration Conference.  It’s a great package.  Please click here to review it and register.  When you get to checkout, please use my coupon code, “shealyorlando“, to receive a great discount plus all the other benefits I’ve been able to secure in your behalf.  Remember, use “shealyorlando” in the coupon box at checkout.

I hope can you make it to Orlando!

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