The neurobiology of trauma


This week Daniel Siegel, MD, will be joining my friends at NICABM for the next webinar in the Rethinking Trauma series.
He’ll be getting into the neurobiology of trauma, and how understanding trauma’s impact on the brain can help us apply more effective interventions in our work with traumatized clients.
Plus, he’ll share the essential questions to ask so we can help patients re-integrate the specific areas of the brain most affected by trauma.
Here’s a look at the agenda for the webinar:
  • How Age Can Affect Trauma’s Impact on the Brain
  • Developmental Trauma: Why Neglect May Be Worse Than Abuse for a Child’s Brain
  • The Chemical Effects of Trauma on the Brain
  • Why Flashbacks Feel Like Present Experience Instead of Past Memory
  • How the Links in the Brain Become Broken During Dissociation
  • The Three Areas of the Brain Most Impacted by Developmental Trauma
  • Epigenetics and the Effect of Trauma Across Generations
Dan will discuss four specific ways trauma impacts the brain, the specific areas that can be affected, and what that means for our patients as we work with them to heal.
Watching the webinar is free at the time of broadcast – just click here to sign up.
Or, you can register for a Gold Membership to get the videos, audios, and transcripts for every webinar in the series (plus 4 bonus webinars).
I hope you’ll check this out.
PS Do you have a friend or colleague who might be interested in this? Please send them this link.

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