C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

It appears that a huge number of physicians and “scientists” disparage the use of supplements. I consider them more ignorant than Neanderthals! They obviously are truly ignorant–ignoring facts. At least every week another study is published showing the benefits of supplements. The latest:

Effect of long-term treatment with antioxidants (vitamin C, vitamin E, coenzyme Q10 and selenium) on arterial compliance, humoral factors and inflammatory markers in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors.

Marina Shargorodsky , Ortal Debbi , Zipora Matas and Reuven Zimlichman

Nutrition & Metabolism 2010, 7:55doi:10.1186/1743-7075-7-55


Antioxidant supplementation (E, Co-Q 10, E and selenium) significantly increased large and small artery elasticity in patients with multiple cardiovascular risk factors. This beneficial vascular effect was associated with an improvement in glucose and lipid metabolism as well as decrease in blood pressure.

The vast majority of Americans are low or deficient in B 6, D 3, C. magnesium, lithium, E, chromium, selenium, C0-Q 10 and many other nutrients. Compared with all drugs, healthy intakes of almost all supplements are SAFE! Idiots and ignorant pseudoscientists are curmudgeons who may even take supplements themselves while telling everyone else to avoid them. Unless you live on a totally organic farm and avoid cities, etc, you will be healthier taking some supplements!

My own are:
Dr. sHEALy’s Essentials– 8
Dr. sHEALy’s Youth Formula–? 8
Co-Q 10–??? 600 mg
Omega 3’s– 3 grams
Probiotics (DS-Dophilus)– 5
Saw palmetto, 160 mg, double strength extract, –12 (I do not want any urologist to know I have a prostate!)
Folic acid– 100 mg
PXP Forte—3 scoops
B 12, chewable,– 1000 micrograms
Vitamin D3— 50.000 units at least once a week
Magnesium Lotion, 2 teaspoons twice daily

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