Stand for Natural Health or be Banned by the Establishment

C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.


For 2000 years there has been an eternal battle between the Machinists and the Naturalists. Machinists believe they are God, that “their” way is the only acceptable way. And they do everything in their power to prevent anyone else from using anything to assist health or to assist in recovery from illness. For a majority of the time the Machinists have controlled. Everyone knows that the Establishment often attempts to strangle natural and safe “alternatives” and that the FDA attacks almost anything non-pharmaceutical. Recently North Carolina has reared its ugly head; and now Nevada—the state that allows prostitution—wants the biggest prostitutes of all to control health care. They want only allopathic medicine and the PharmacoMafia to own the health of all its citizens and make anything else a felony act!?

The only reasonable safe haven is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act or the Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act. We could utilize lessons learned from viral email potential all over the world to create a truly powerful organization that really could affect and even direct legislation in this country.

Indigenous Groups in Guatemala, by networking their voice, caused a re-writing of their national constitution! Indigenous Groups in Bolivia caused a complete re-structure of their legislative body. It is now called a “Plurinational Assembly” reflecting the diversity in their indigenous population. In March, Bolivia was the first Nation ever to give legal rights to the Earth itself by Act of Legislation! The voice of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas was once a barren desert, but now that desert is blossoming as the rose, just as has been prophesied! This ought to be a great inspiration to all Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women, but where are we? We are as quiet as the grave.?

I propose that we do as our Relatives in Central and South American have done, and I have devised a plan that, if we have the guts to execute it, will generate 2.5 million interested readers of the Nemenhah Open Invitation to Natural Healers. It involves the creation of Chapters of the Nemenhah and figures on the ability of every Nemenhah Member to bring the two other people into the Band required to fill the requirement for Chapter formation. Remember, three duly adopted members may request the formation of a Chapter of the Nemenhah. Together, they form the first Council of the Chapter.

As a member of the Nemenhah Band, I am interested in expanding the good work to as many legitimate healers as possible. Send this enews to ten or more people whom you know or suspect might have an interest in preserving Health Freedom in this country. Ask them to do the same. Now, we can never expect that every one of them will actually send to ten people, or that those ten people will ever reciprocate. However, statistically we know that every person who receives the email will share it with an average of two and a half people we can create a viral landslide. That sounds funny, but that’s how the statistics falls out. Every person you share something with is likely to share it with two or three people – averaging to 2.5. That is one of the reasons that Chapter formation requires the voice of three people. Someone else said, “by the voice of two or three people shall all my word be established,” and because of the science of statistics we have a better understanding of why that is. This is the art of sharing.?

Here’s how that would look if this email went viral:

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6

500 1,250 3,150 7,812 19,531 48,828

For a total of 27,343, which I am going to round down to 25,000 for ease of figuring. From our own experience we know that only about 44% at the most are going to act on the invitation. So, the next round of emails will go to 12,000. Here’s how that looks.

Week 1 2 3 4 5 6

62,500 156,250 390,625 976,562 2,441,406 6,103,515


For a total of 10,130,859. Figuring the same 44%, that comes out to 4,457,578.


Obviously, there will be fall-outs, but the effect will be virtually the same other viral messages, and the difference is that we have a real message that will deliver true Health Freedom.

Let us set an example of just how powerful this kind of thing can be in the real world.


I am tired of seeing our right to practice Natural Medicine being attacked at every door. Wishy-washy legislators decide for us what’s good for the American People. I want as many healers as possible to join the Nemenhah Indigenous People. Together we can stand up on our hind feet and act as our Relations in Guatemala and Bolivia have done! We are what we say we are! We are not going away! We enjoy rights that are the desire of everyone in the world! Why should we not rise up and do our civic, national, and by the way, our spiritual duty??

I call upon others to join the Nemenhah with me and become Missionaries for Health Freedom in this country. In Gonzales v. O Centro Espirita UDV, the United States Supreme Court upheld the Religious Freedom Restoration Act and used the Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act as legal precedent in the case! That case was about the use of Herbs in Healing Ceremony!?

Fact: The Oklevueha/Sioux Nation Native American Church makes no distinction between temporal healing and spiritual salvation! Natural Healing has always played an important role in the “exercise of religion.” All Natural Healers know that if they neglect the Spiritual aspect of healing, they will be less effective. This reflects the very spirit of the Native American Church ceremonial doctrine.?

Fact: The Nemenhah Band and Native American Traditional Organization is an Independent Branch of the Oklevueha Native American Church, and Inter-Tribal, Non-denominational, Inter-discipline convocation of Healers. It is recognized as such by the Federal Government and the State of Missouri. It enjoys the recognition and the blessing of Holy Men and Women from many Crown and Federally Recognized Tribes and Band.?

Fact: The Nemenhah Band has issued an Open Invitation to all Natural Healers of Good Intention to join with them through the Principle of Spiritual Adoption (Making of Family).?

Fact: As Nemenhah Medicine Men and Women, legal jurisdiction to “substantially burden the practice of Native American Religion (Natural Healing)” is taken away from the FDA, Licensing Boards, Attorneys General, and even the Courts under most circumstances.

If you are ready to separate your natural healing practice from the whims of the current legal quagmire, you need to act on this invitation from the Nemenhah Band! Go to:


Read the Constitution and the Adoption pages. Download the Request For Spiritual Adoption From and read its content. Nemenhah Ceremonial Healing includes all the modalities of Natural Medicine! Stand up and be counted! Under the protective authority of Federal Law that has been strengthened by amendment and proven in the highest court in the land, take up and own True Health Freedom.


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