I am often asked what supplements I take, so here it is!? There are many physicians who tell patients not to take supplements. Ideally, IF you lived on an organic farm, away from city and other farms with their pollutants, raised all your own food, did not travel, avoided travel and chemical pollutants, had the attitude of a saint (no anger, guilt, depression or anxiety), exercised a minimum of an hour a day and were outside in natural light a minimum of an hour a day, with as much skin exposed as possible, you would need no supplements!? I doubt that 0.1% of people could possibly fit into this category!? Commercially available food is highly polluted and of course about 85% of food sold is even more highly processed, depriving it of many essential nutrients. Soil is also deficient in many essential nutrients. Thus, I think everyone needs some supplements. Although I live on a farm and we raise a majority of our fruits and vegetables, purchase range fed chickens and beef,? raised without chemicals, I travel a great deal. I exercise 1 to 2 hours daily. I meditate and do relaxation daily. I am healthy AND I take the following:

Dr. sHEALys Essentials–? 8

Dr. sHEALys Youth Formula–? 8

Co-Q 10–??? 600 mg

Omega 3s–?? 4 grams

Probiotics (PB 8)–?? 4

Saw palmetto, 160 mg, double strength extract, –16 (I do not want any urologist to know I have a prostate!)

Folic acid– 100 mg

K-Bicarb 6 to 8, to keep salivary pH at 7.4 and urine at 6.5

B 12, chewable,– 1000 micrograms

Vitamin D3— 50.000 units

Tribulus,—? 2000 mg

Magnesium Lotion, 2 teaspoons twice daily

From time to time I take a variety of other herbs. I use Emu oil Lotion after shaving. I think it is the greatest skin lotion. I also use Adams Prostate Care creamkeep those urologists at bay!? I plan on continuing this program for at least another 65 years.

I believe that this regimen is healthy, good and safe. I do not recommend this much saw palmetto for all men, but it is safe and helps reduce cholesterol. Women do not need the Tribulus or Adams Prostate Care but may do well with Eugesterone Cream.?

All my supplements are available at https://normshealy.shop/

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