C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

To be optimally healthy we need a wide variety of amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. We do NOT need carbohydrates per se, as we can make them out of amino acids and fats!

Common DEFICIENCIES in minerals include:

  • *Magnesium. Most magnesium is in bones and teeth, but it is ESSENTIAL for heart and artery health, immune strength and mood! It is present in 350 enzymes! Magnesium Lotion
  • *Chromium. It is most essential for pancreatic health. Tri Chromium
  • *Zinc. Essential for vision, prostate function and immune strength. Present in 100 enzymes.
  • *Calcium. Most essential for maintaining the? pH of blood, as well as heart beat and strength of bones and teeth Calcium
  • *Manganese. Modulates neurotransmitter activity, so that it is crucial for every nerve activity in the body!
  • *Selenium. Critical for immune function and to prevent cancer.
  • *Copper. Critical for cardiovascular health and immunity as well as helping decrease inflammation. Interrelated with iron metabolism.
  • *Iron. Not only is iron essential to prevent anemia, it is also essential for synthesis of DNA and mood regulation.
  • *Molybdenum. Deficiencies are associated with tooth decay, infertility, low DHEA and cancer
  • *Potassium. Essential for heart, nerve , muscle activity and overall strength Potassium Bicarbonate


  • *Aluminum binds phosphorous, our most essential mineral for energy! And it increases body acidity.
  • *Lead. Has been crazily added to glass, gas, and paints. Poisons the nervous system.
  • *Cadmium. Largely from tobacco smoke, pesticides, soft drinks, softened water, galvanized pipes and solder joint in copper pipes.
  • *Arsenic. From pesticides, and burning wood and coal. Poisons everything!
  • *Mercury. Most stupid use in history—silver amalgam fillings.? And of course vaccines.

The major deficiencies of essential minerals are from junk food—sugar, junk white bread, pop, useless calories and highly processed foods! As well as terrible farming practices.

The major sources of toxic minerals are from human stupidity!

The best way to test for deficiency or toxicity is hair analysis, if you have not poisoned your hair with added chemicals!

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