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C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

When I finished my neurosurgical residency in 1963, I was certain of two failures of common practice, treatment of chronic pain with

  • cordotomy, cutting the front half of the spinal cord
  • lobotomy, destroying the personality with removing a frontal lobe of the brain

To be kind, both procedures are crude, barbarian and create far more problems than help. Fifty-two years later, I am now certain that a great number of common treatments are equally ineffective and harmful:

  • Treatment of chronic pain with narcotics, tranquilizers and anti-depressants
  • Treatment of cholesterol with statin drugs. I would not take one for a trillion dollars!
  • Coronary bypass surgery-does not save lives or prevent heart attacks. ONLY benefit is decreased angina. A mighty risk and expensive approach for angina!
  • Antidepressants SUCK. No real help with depression and more complications than help
  • Anti-hypertensive drugs-well under 50% effectiveness with universal complications of fatigue and erectile dysfunction
  • Chemotherapy–I won’t even say what I think of this

In fact, for virtually everything except acute illnesses and injuries, I find conventional medicine creates more harm than good. For chronic problems I strongly suggest finding a REAL Holistic physician!!



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