C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

In 1973 I received a $50,000 grant from a Fortune 500 company to study “psychic diagnosis”, with the caveat that I could not mention their name. I had a ball visiting and testing around the country 75 individuals who had a reputation of being intuitively helpful. There was at most a 10% possibility that they could get the correct answer by chance. Incidentally three psychology students and a professor of psychology were 5% accurate— reverse psi! The average “clairvoyant” I tested was 50% accurate and 5 were 70 to 75% accurate—highly statistically significant!

This led to my working with Reverend Henry Rucker, the best one on one counselor I have ever met, and Dr. Robert Leichtman, who was 80% accurate in making a physical diagnosis and a whopping 96% accurate in evaluating the personality. In 1984 I met Caroline Myss who was 93% accurate in diagnosing correctly either physical or psychological problems. The rest is history. In 1988, Caroline and I wrote two books, AIDS: PASSAGEWAY TO TRANSFORMATION & THE CREATION OF HEALTH (still in print). In CREATION we created the term Medical Intuitive, which is far more appropriate and which has led to an avalanche of people calling themselves Medical Intuitives with no known skill! Indeed, scores of individuals have written me that “I’m another Caroline Myss.” To date every one of them is a space cadet with zero accuracy. Beware those who claim to be Medical Intuitives without proof!

Caroline and I have done workshops together since the 80’s, and in the 90’s we began training Medical Intuitives. As we worked, it became obvious that some would not do the work to become Medically Intuitive, but virtually all our students developed into superb Counseling Intuitives. Thus we established the American Board of Medical Intuition; and with proper testing we can certify that someone is a BOARD CERTIFIED MEDICAL INTUITIVE  or BOARD CERTIFIED CO– USELING INTUITIVE . I know of only one fraud who advertises that she is so certified—so insist on seeing the official certificate signed by Caroline and me!

If you are interested in becoming Board Certified,
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